Mr.Nirmal Poudel (Principal)

Dear Reader

I extend a very warm welcome to our website which is designed to give you a realistic sneak peek into Maharshi school in Kathmandu. A well-qualified, trained, experienced and motivated teaching staff is the key to quality education. The ability of our teaching staff enables every child to acquire academic skills and develop an analytical approach to problem solving. We keep the less number of students in each class to ensure individual attention and close supervision. The relationship between teachers and students does not end with the class. Besides regular parents and teachers meetings, the teachers keep in touch with the parents and create a better understanding among all. It gives a new depth to the teacher-student-parent relationship.

Maharshi School will provide its students with a holistic education, imparted by caring and dedicated faculty members in a contemporary learning environment, by focusing on developing the cognitive, emotional, social, physical, creative and spiritual potential of every child.

We strive to empower our learners with the skills required to make sense of the diversities and the potentially confusing complexities of the world they step into. Parent engagement forms an integral part of the ethos at Maharshi, and interactions take place on a regular basis with the team of the school.

I sign off with the conviction that Maharshi School will be the preferred destination for aspiring learners and dedicated professionals of the education sector alike.

Warm Regards,
Nirmal Poudel