1. All the students are expected to show exemplary behavior at all times within as well as outside the school premises. All students will be accountable to the school authorities for their conduct.
  2. Students involved in or inciting fights or found using tobacco or intoxicants or other types of indiscipline will be subject to severe disciplinary action which may lead to expulsion from the school.
  3. Students are prohibited from bringing mobile phones or electronic gadgets or accessories. It will be confiscated.
  4. Students are to bring their school diary every day and keep a proper record of Homework, which has to be signed by the teacher and the parent/ guardian.
  5. Students found bullying, borrowing money, using vulgar and abusive language, deliberately disfiguring or damaging school property will face stern disciplinary action. The student may also be charged a fine to recover the cost of damage or repair of property.
  6. All students whether Hosteller (Yellow tag): Walker (green tag) or School Bus Users (blue tag); require to have the ID tag displayed prominently (worn around the neck) for proper identification. Prefects and Sub-Prefects are given a special ID Tag.


  1. All students are required to be regular in attendance and be punctual. Except in case of illness or emergent and unforeseen circumstances the student is expected to be present. In case of illness extending over two days, a copy of the prescription will have to be produced to substantiate the claim.
  2. The absence needs to be recorded in the school diary. In case of absence of more than three days a written application has to be submitted to the in-charge.
  3. Prior permission for leave must be obtained for any other valid reason not falling under the category of an emergency. In such a case the student may be permitted leave depending on the reason but covering the missed lessons and homework will be the sole responsibility of the student. There is no provision for conducting any test or exam missed by the student due to absence for any reason.



For a meaningful education discipline is indispensible. A Disciplinary committee is in place to deal with cases of indiscipline. We believe that disciplinary measures must be corrective rather than being purely punitive. The Disciplinary committee is there to help instill and inculcate discipline. The committee presided by the Principal is assisted by a team of senior teachers. The committee awards  merit cards to deserving students and demerit cards for indiscipline and has the power to counsel, reprimand, suspend or expel students depending on the nature and gravity of the indiscipline.

Exceptional presentations, participation and winning of major tournaments or publications of articles in magazines (other than the school magazine), or in News papers or contribution in social work etc. are rewarded with merit cards. Indiscipline on the other hand will lead to the issue of demerit cards. The issue of demerit cards will also result in the deduction of House points.

Demerit cards are issued after due investigation and deliberation only. The decision of the Disciplinary committee will be final.





  1. Bills are dispatched one week in advance for the forthcoming month and have to be settled before 10th of each current month, failing which a surcharge of 5% will be added to the bill amount and an additional surcharge of 10% will be added to the total due amount for the payment made after two months.
  2. Tuition and boarding (accommodation) fees are charged for twelve months.
  3. Food and transportation charges are made for eleven (11) months except for the winter vacation.
  4. There is no rebate for food if the hostel is closed for less than two weeks.
  5. Books and stationery items are charged for separately.
  6. Students whose accounts fall into arrears for more than two months will have their names struck off the office record, and they shall have to seek re-admission on payment of fees as at the time of first admission. Re-admission will depend solely on the discretionary powers vested with the Director/Principal.
  7. Fees for club activities, science labs, and library are charged four times (term-wise) a year.



Payment of monthly bills of students can be made as follows:

  1. Parents/ guardians can pay the school fees in cash at the school fee counter at Samakhusi. Drafts may be accepted only in case of boarders coming from outside the valley. Any exchange charge on all drafts will be billed. Cheques are not accepted.
  2. Standing instructions can also be used for the payment of the school fees for which Parents/Guardians have to open an account in any branch of Kailash Bank.
  3. The school fees can also be deposited in any branch of Kailash Bank by filling in a three copy deposit voucher. Once the fee is deposited, the bank sends the record of the payment to the school through e-mail by the evening of the same day. However, parents are requested to keep a copy of the deposit voucher safely until they receive a computer generated official receipt from the school.
  4. Parents/guardians may also use Debit Visa Card of any bank to make the payment of the school fees with a surcharge of 2.5% on the total fee amount.



  1. A scholarship equivalent to tuition fee of one academic session is awarded to students who rank first among the students of all sections combined in the annual examination every year. A full scholarship on tuition fees is awarded every year to students who are financially needy but are intelligent and hardworking.
  2. A partial scholarship on tuition fees is awarded to students who excel in games, sports and other activities conducted within the school or in Inter-School, District or National level competitions.





In order to create awareness and to contribute to environmental protection Maharshi has declared the campus a ‘POLY BAG FREE ZONE’. The school has banned the use of plastic/ poly bags and wrappers. Parents are requested not to allow their child to bring any plastic/ polythene packaged items/ food or carry bags to the school.



The school cafeteria serves a variety of hygienic food to day-scholars. Students are not allowed to bring cash to the school. Parents are advised to buy coupons in advance and give the same to the child/children as per their daily requirement.



Children are taken on excursions as per the requirement, and an additional bill is sent to meet the expenses incurred. This is compulsory for all students.



  1. Parents/ guardians are requested to make a prior appointment to visit the Principal/Vice Principal/Block-in-charge/Hostel Manager.
  2. Visiting the students or requests to take them home during class hours is discouraged unless in case of an extreme emergency.
  3. Parents may visit class/ subject teachers to enquire about their ward’s performance after taking due appointment through the school reception. They may not be able to meet you if you come without an appointment especially if they are teaching in the class.



Verbal complaints are not entertained. Parents are requested not to get into disputes with any members of the staff but to put down their grievances, complaints or suggestions in writing and forward the complaint letter in a sealed envelope to the principal.



If the situation so warrants, alterations in fees, uniform, rules and regulations, etc. will be made by the School Managing Committee (SMC). An advance notice will be given to parents in such cases. Drastic changes will be avoided as far as possible.



A cordial relationship among the school, parents and students is very crucial for the development of a child’s full potential. Therefore, parent-teacher meetings are held in the school from time to time to share information about the students’ activities, their personal growth and academic progress so that necessary steps can be taken for their further improvements. In addition, special meetings with individual subject teachers are also arranged for parents on their request to discuss their ward’s progress in his/her studies. Any suggestion from parents and guardians is always welcome, and will be taken as instrumental in bringing a positive change to the student.